New Year's Resolutions

So as a general rule, I kind of hate new year's resolutions. I feel like it's such a long term thing to say "I'm going to do xyz over the course of a full year." Priorities change, circumstances change, and then you're left staring at this goal you made in January like "uh why the hell did I say I'd do that?"

And I hate setting goals that are ambiguous. It's probably one of the only things that stuck with me after writing all those care plans in nursing school. I feel like goals have to be SMART--specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-limited.

So basically, I can't say "I want to run more in 2017." because as of right now, I've been running maybe 2-3 times a month. So, as soon as I run 4 times a month or 37 times, boom done. Resolution accomplished.

I am awesome.

So then I say "I will run three times a week." Then we have this week, where I have zombie death flu and have barely left the couch. so that doesn't work either.

But saying all that, here's what's important to me to focus on for 2017. Right now. In January. Ask me in March and my views might be different.

1. My goodreads challenge goal is to read 52 books this year. Right now, I'm knocking that out of the park, but I know later this year, I'll probably hit a reading slump. So 52. Let's do it. I have 11 million books on my TBR list, so this shouldn't be hard.

2. Post on this blog and on my new book youtube channel. I don't have a number of times or anything, but I really want to dig into this new hobby. It's made my love of reading from my childhood come back with a fierceness and I'm obsessed with that.

3. Read some of those books. You know those books. The "You MUST Read these before you die!!" type of books. Right now, I really want to dig into Farenheit 451, The Bell Jar, and Anne Frank, but I may pick different ones.

So those are my "bookish resolutions." Let's see what else I'd like to accomplish this year.

4. Only design stickers I love (I run a planner sticker shop, if you didn't know). This seems simple but when it's 1am and you have zero inspiration for a holiday coming up that people want kits for, it's anything but simple. I want to only put out products I truly truly love.

5. Train and run for a half marathon. Guess I need to dig out those running shoes.

So there's that. It's written down. er...sorta. Let's see how it turns out at the end of the year.
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